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My courses were created from a personal need. While studying for GMAT myself, I wished for a live-person resource for guidance and short cuts. Then, after the MBA,  the University of St Gallen asked me to create their GMAT prep program.

For more than 10-years I ran a weekend seminar about every 2 months. I worked with people from all walks of life, from a Catholic nun to former professional athletes. People from the Red Cross, ballet dancers, lawyers, architects, entrepreneurs, soldiers, dyslexics, pilots, soul-searchers, MBA office staff, assistants to professors, medical doctors, nuclear physicists, concert violinists, stay-at-home moms, CEOs, surfers, veterinarians, brewers, linguists, sinologists, oil-rig workers, teachers, and obviously all the traditional business professions (banker, engineer, consultant, finance/ accounting).

And people were from every possible educational background and nationality. I have lost track of nationalities, but it must be at least 50. People from the courses said the most amazing things, and their MBA journey enabled them to pursue their dreams. They sent their friends and relatives to study with me. I have personally hosted visiting students from Russia, Saudi Arabia, from all over Europe, Canada and Brazil.

And in that 10 years, I optimised my course every time. We improved whatever we could. I rewrote the material dozens of times. I collaborated with true experts,  and I learned exactly what the success criteria was and how to very quickly transmit it to my students/ clients. Some of the success cases are on the “success cases” page.

Finally, of the extremely diverse people I have met, everyone had one thing in common.

Everyone believed that they could achieve more.

Every single person had a belief that they could raise their career to a higher level, and that personally they could improve their skill sets by increasing their international exposure, acquiring fundamental knowledge, and working with ambitious like-minded individuals. Very seldom is money a significant motivator. The motivator is personal growth, increased knowledge, broadened horizons, and career satisfaction.

My courses set these powerful processes into motion.

To me GMAT is a hobby that is also a great mind training vehicle, and a fun networking platform. Most of my students are non-natives, and my methods turn this fact into an advantage.

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Great score! I took it last month and got a 710 (and a 5.5 AWA). I feel like I could improve my qvtitnaatiue score a bit, but I pretty much nailed the verbal and I think I can live with the overall score!

Hello, very cool made site!!! 🙂
Greetings grow next door, Julian

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