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GMATZurich is a full service test-preparation and admissions consultancy based in Switzerland. We are the exclusive GMAT trainer to the University of St Gallen, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

Our origins are in serving leading universities. Participants started telling their friends, and we began to offer courses to private people and companies (in house training at banks and top consultancies). These schools and companies trust GMATZurich to instruct their students because the founder created a proven, efficient, and fun system to raise test performance, and because I am fair, knowledgable, and experienced.

I am on the staff of the HWZ in Zurich, and I have a didactic background. This is the main advantage I have over competitors, I have won many awards for teaching and not only in GMAT. I trained for years to do it and it is a passion.

To me GMAT is a hobby that is also a great mind training vehicle, and a fun networking platform. Most of my students are non-natives, and my methods turn this fact into an advantage.

Now we are based in Zurich Seefeld. About 2/3 of clients are from within Switzerlanland and the other 1/3 is foreign. Besides GMAT, we offer GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS and EA test prep. We also cover psychometric tests for consulting and tech interviews. Admissions is a major part of our business as well, and we work directly with school admissions officers with great results.


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Great score! I took it last month and got a 710 (and a 5.5 AWA). I feel like I could improve my qvtitnaatiue score a bit, but I pretty much nailed the verbal and I think I can live with the overall score!

Hello, very cool made site!!! 🙂
Greetings grow next door, Julian

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