Posted by | April 10, 2015
2x LBS with 650 and 640 GMAT

We are pleased to announce that 2 partners are "in" at LBS, one with a 650 on GMAT and one with a 640. This is well below the published average...

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Posted by | February 20, 2015
GMAT, behind the curtain

When you deal with the GMAT as much as I do, it takes on almost human charachteristics. Maybe for this reason I have always been interested to meet the actual...

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Posted by | January 19, 2015
How to approach the GRE

We get many GRE related questions, as this is a viable alternative to GMAT.  Below we have compiles some top-level tips for those just getting started: The GRE consists of...

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Posted by | January 24, 2014
GMAT as a predictor of earnings

I get asked all the time if high GMAT scores predict performance on-the-job, or career success. This is actually a tough question, since it is difficult to benchmark, and there...

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Posted by | August 22, 2013
Update on the new GMAT IR (integrated reasoning) section

One of the most questions I receive is what to do about the Integrated Reasoning section on the GMAT. Here is the quickest answer: Nothing. This new section replaced one...

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Posted by | August 21, 2013
GMAT and alternatives (GRE)

I have notices a spike in GRE inquiries, so I thought I would call people's attention to piece I wrote that breaks down the GRE vs. GMAT dilemma. The GRE...

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Posted by | April 5, 2013
The second best answer = 0 points

One issue that affects everyone taking the GMAT is the 50/50 split. Particularly on Critical Reasoning (but also the other sections) after a bit of preparation you should be able...

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Posted by | December 20, 2012
GMAT predictions for 2013

Yes, it's that time of year when I make my annual GMAT predictions... 1) Difficulty will increase. The GMAT is understandably reluctant to let the average average score exceed 550, so...

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Posted by | December 5, 2012
Debriefing from a 720 on first try

I recently caught up with a former student who I had not seen since my course. He scored a 720 on the first try, so I asked him if he...

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Posted by | October 31, 2012
How will top business schools judge my profile?

We are now in MBA-fair season, so many potential MBAs are wondering what the top schools are really looking for. There is a very simple answer to this question: someone...

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