Coronavirus has changed my plans- can I start a/n MBA/ Master’s in fall 2020?

Coronavirus has changed my plans- can I start a/n MBA/ Master’s in fall 2020?

This post is dedicated to the masses of individuals who have seen their plans change through no fault of their own. We have been in contact with individuals from threatened industries, such as: hotels, recruitment, event planning, banking, leisure.

What they have in common: no job/ internship/ MBA or Masters plans for next fall.

In these cases we are preparing applications for top MBAs and Masters that are either still accepting students, or that have extended their deadlines.

The main schools that we are working with are HEC, St Gallen, IE, and Imperial, although I have a longer list as well. GMAT can be taken later, when GMAT centres open back up.

There are 4 tasks that must be completed pretty fast to produce a successful application.

I will list them in order

  1. Letters of recommendation- you must get 2 references to say that you are ahead of your peer group and that you have top management potential. They must say this on school forms, so an old letter of reference will not be sufficient. This one goes first because it requires other people to act. I have templates of letters to speed it up.
  2. School essays, application. Each school has a bit different questions, but they all essentially ask the same thing: What is your future career vision and how will the program you are applying to prepare you for it? There might be sub questions about leadership, success, failure, contribution to campus life, ect, but your future impact is the main one. I have prepared a USP extraction document to help you with this task that I am happy to send you for free.
  3. Transcripts and official documents of your first degree. Most EU/CH schools provide a translated version along with the original, if not you will have to provide a translated copy (in most cases).
  4. GMAT/ TOEFL (or equivalents). Ordinarily this goes first since the preparation is not to be underestimated. However, in these crazy times schools are allowing applications with “deferred ” standard tests, so get the rest of the application and we can do these on the back end.

These steps can go pretty fast, so don’t be intimidated about the looming deadlines. We offer templates and pointers for each step for maximum efficiency. Let’s talk about your personal situation in a free initial consultation!



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