Executive Assessment (EA)

The EA is now the test of choice for competitive executive MBAs. In theory it is a “GMAT light” but in practice it requires serious preparation. We developed training methods for the first generation of the EA two years ago and here are some observations:

There are 3 thirty minutes sections, quant, verbal, and integrated reasoning.

Quant: People who have been out of school for a few years or who are not math savvy will need a serious math review of speed mental math and data sufficiency, especially percentages, algebra, arithmetic, and word problems.

Verbal: The Verbal is NOT intuitive, even to native speakers. There are structures that are easy to recognise and some good exclusion tricks. But these come with training.

IR: This is in our opinion the most intuitive section. However, there is not enough time to do all the exercises. We work with a skipping strategy that identifies the “hardest” section and skips it.

Bottom line: The good schools want 150+ so they are confident that applicants have the basic skills. This is not an elite score. We have developed a careful and accurate approach that skips certain question types to gain time on the test. We estimate total study time needed to be 20-30 hours (don’t worry–not all with us!), but of course this will vary depending on your individual skills.

For training use the questions on the GMAC website. For additional questions get in touch, we have compiled some good ones.