Update on the new GMAT IR (integrated reasoning) section

Update on the new GMAT IR (integrated reasoning) section

One of the most questions I receive is what to do about the Integrated Reasoning section on the GMAT. Here is the quickest answer: Nothing.

This new section replaced one of the essays in the AWA section.

So in the old days the test order was AWA (2×30 mins) Math (75 mins) Verbal (75 mins).

Essentially the GMAT was tricking people into working for free. The AWA does NOT affect the primary score that business schools care about.  Statistically speaking, It actually lowers the score by 50 points.

The Integrated Reasoning now comes at the back of the test, so the format is AWA (1×30 mins) Math (75 mins) Verbal (75 mins) Integrated Reasoning (30 mins)

Adcom at Standford has gone on the record in its blog that they are not taking this new section particluarly seriously. http://www.stanford.edu/group/mba/blog/

Other influential school reps have told me privately that they are not looking at this score and that test takers should focus on the primary parts of the test.



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