Save the date: MBA and Masters Event in Zurich, Sat 26th October

  On Saturday 26th October at the Marriott Hotel you have the chance to receive expert guidance directly from the admissions directors. Whether you are looking for the next step in your career, want to increase your salary or seek for a study abroad experience – this event covers it all and helps you to identify and apply for the postgraduate program that best matches your interests and career plans.

Free entry but limited availability



12th November: Master Forum Business & Economics; 15:30to 19:30- Au Premier Restaurant at Zürich.

This is a well organised and high profile event with many top Master’s Programs. We attended last year and highly recommend the event.

It is free, so register at Selected attending schools: Bocconi, ETH, HEC Paris, IE, IESE, INSEAD, St.Gallen, SIM and many more! see the site for the full list.


Road-mapping strategies

There are many steps to submitting a well prepared application, included tests, essays, recommendations, transcripts, etc. Roadmap and milestone planning with an expert is a key advantage.

Essay guidance & Video essay

This is how the admission decision is made. Have you positioned yourself correctly for your dream school? Do you know exactly how your school will perceive YOU? Examples and templates for leading schools are available.

We love videos! We have complete production equipment and years of experience. We work with an SRF videographer and we get results.

School selection

Overwhelmed and confused, or not sure between two options? Let’s talk. I can share dozens of successful case studies of admissions to top schools. Tip: the higher ranked school may not be best for your career.

Admission consulting

Graduate school applications are complex and one mistake can end your chances.

Recommendation letters

This is a major part of the applications process- you have more control than you think.

Interview training

Our applicants have successfully managed the interviews and we have build up a nice database of real interview questions.

What’s on

Courses in Zurich

Our mini group and 4-hour intense sessions take place Wednesday evening and Saturday morning.

Courses in Frankfurt

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Course are regularly offered on campus. 2019 courses: March 8/9: March 15/16

Courses in St. Gallen

We advanced courses at the Sprachenzentrum: see their website for current offering.

Courses in Munich

We are on campus at LMU March 4th to March 7th! The course is restricted to LMU students.

Most popular for professionals:
the GMAT 1:1 express package (and GRE): 10-hour 1:1 express course- remains the most popular option- 5x2hours- efficient, effective and totally flexible
Wednesday GMAT happy hour:
mini-group study session from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in Zurich
First Saturday: On the first Saturday of the month- 4-hour GMAT mini-group
Taking TOEFL? see our dedicated site TOEFLZurich for all the latest courses and info.
Executive MBA applicants: you will need to take the Executive Assessment (EA) test. We are providing instruction for this exam.


MBA & Master school fairs: what you need to know

This fall there are a series of good fairs that allow candidates to interact with schools face-to-face. Because I also attend the fairs, I can offer a few tips on...


A common dilemma facing applicants is whether to apply to Executive or full-time programs. The simple answer is that EMBA programs cater to applicants with 10+ years of managerial experience...

What to do about TOEFL on an application.

Most schools require GMAT and TOEFL (or TOEFL equivalent such as IELTS). MBA programs and Masters of Management and Finance almost universally share this requirement. GMAT is the harder exam...

Diversity in the corporate world — fact check

A renown business school asks its applicants to disclose qualities they use to "succeed when dealing with diversity in the corporate world?" I personally find this a strange question because in...

What to read for GMAT and before the MBA- with good free suggestions.

I often get asked by both GMAT/ GRE/ EA test takers and clients that have been admitted to business school for reading lists. For a list of current excellent books...

FT editorial: Business education goes faster, younger, cheaper

The FT has written an editorial painting a pessimistic picture of MBA institutions and the value of the degree. They claim that the modern workforce prefers a high caliber master's,...

Take-aways from a Stanford acceptance

I am happy to announce an acceptance at Stanford this year. Statistically this is the most difficult MBA to get into with an acceptance rate at around 6%, so naturally we...

Growth of the MiM

Today the FT reported that the Masters in management enjoys faster growth than the MBA ( The articles states that "many students see the course as a quicker, cheaper route...

Average GMAT scores of the top 10

The average GMAT score of the FT MBA ranking top 10 is 710. The individual school averages are listed in the figure. The career advantages of attending a top school...

The dreaded (or not so dreaded) wait list

Every year there are applicants that are placed on the waiting list. Business schools have the difficult task of admitting the right number of applicants. Almost all applicants apply to various...

Transition in MBA hiring

Today the Financial Times reports on post-MBA hiring statistics. The big mover is Amazon, who hired MBA graduates “in the high hundreds” across the world, an increase of 30 per...

FT reports that MBAs outside US benefit from new US government

Non-US MBA schools target students turned off by Donald Trump American institutions deny the controversial president will hurt their intake That was the headline of the FT today, link to...

Free Stanford MBA

Stanford University is offering 3 free fellowships for students willing to re-locate to the Midwest of the US. The link is here:   Apparently recent grads all go to...

The key metric for GMAT and GRE

When applying to top schools, most people assume that the higher the GMAT score the better. This is not a wrong assumption, but it is too simplistic. There are plenty...

2x LBS with 650 and 640 GMAT

We are pleased to announce that 2 partners are "in" at LBS, one with a 650 on GMAT and one with a 640. This is well below the published average...

GMAT, behind the curtain

When you deal with the GMAT as much as I do, it takes on almost human charachteristics. Maybe for this reason I have always been interested to meet the actual...

How to approach the GRE

We get many GRE related questions, as this is a viable alternative to GMAT.  Below we have compiles some top-level tips for those just getting started: The GRE consists of...

GMAT as a predictor of earnings

I get asked all the time if high GMAT scores predict performance on-the-job, or career success. This is actually a tough question, since it is difficult to benchmark, and there...

Update on the new GMAT IR (integrated reasoning) section

One of the most questions I receive is what to do about the Integrated Reasoning section on the GMAT. Here is the quickest answer: Nothing. This new section replaced one...

GMAT and alternatives (GRE)

I have notices a spike in GRE inquiries, so I thought I would call people's attention to piece I wrote that breaks down the GRE vs. GMAT dilemma. The GRE...

The second best answer = 0 points

One issue that affects everyone taking the GMAT is the 50/50 split. Particularly on Critical Reasoning (but also the other sections) after a bit of preparation you should be able...

GMAT predictions for 2013

Yes, it's that time of year when I make my annual GMAT predictions... 1) Difficulty will increase. The GMAT is understandably reluctant to let the average average score exceed 550, so...

Debriefing from a 720 on first try

I recently caught up with a former student who I had not seen since my course. He scored a 720 on the first try, so I asked him if he...

How will top business schools judge my profile?

We are now in MBA-fair season, so many potential MBAs are wondering what the top schools are really looking for. There is a very simple answer to this question: someone...

Record year for GMAT tests taken in 2011

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the all-time record for GMAT tests taken was set in 2011, with about 285,000 tests completed. And this is on top of steady...

Update on new GMAT “integrated reasoning” section

One of the most questions I receive is what to do about the Integrated Reasoning section on the GMAT. Here is the quickest answer: Nothing. This new section replaced one...

Trend to younger test takers

The GMAC researchers are tweeting! They are pointing out that the average age of test takers is going down. I have noticed this as well, and it can be attributed...

Fall 2012 scheduling

GMAT Zurich is preparing for GMAT admissions for Fall 2012. We have had a string of 700 plus scores, and recent acceptances to LBS, St Gallen, Harvard MBA and Kennedy...